This is a really easy project so it’s perfect for beginners, and the end result will bring lots of Christmas joy! It’s quick too… you can produce a beautiful stocking in under an hour!

A lot of customers ask me how to make a Christmas stocking, and I’m not surprised. It’s a lovely item to make for a child and will last for years.

Make it from a lovely bright festive fabric, or just go for a plain red, or polka dots, or why not match it to the colour of your child’s bedroom!!

I have seen some that have a child’s name embroidered on them, so you could really personalise it and make it special.

If you want to add the contrasting cuff effect why not add some fake fur (I’ve got lots in the shop especially for Christmassy projects) or you could use some of the fluffy fleece. If you don’t fancy a cuff, why not try some bright ribbon around the top, or some ric rac trim! The main point is that this is a FUN project that you can make in your own way for a special someone.

As usual I have written some instructions which you can download here… Christmas Stocking instructions

If you love to crochet, I have found a great YouTube tutorial for a crochet Christmas Stocking which you can view here… Crochet Christmas Stocking VIDEO

However you choose to make it…. Santa will still deliver! The best stockings are bright and fun right?

Happy crafting!



Published On: 27 October 2022255 words1.4 min readCategories: Christmas