Item of Clothing



Jeans Hem £10
Jeans Taper and Hem £15
Trousers Hem £11
Trousers Hem with Kicktape £12
Trousers Hem with Turn-up £12
Skirt / Dress (Straight) Hem £12
Skirt / Dress (Straight with Lining) Hem £15
Skirt / Dress (Full) Hem £12
Skirt / Dress (Full with Lining) Hem £20
Jeans New Zip £14
Skirt / Trousers New Zip £12
Coat / Jacket New Zip £25
Curtains Hemming from £20
Any Garment Minor Repair from £6
Coat / Jacket Sleeve from £18
Shirt Cuff Lift £12
Coat / Jacket Hem £20
Dress New Zip £15
Any Garment Alter to Fit from £15

SHOP UPDATE: fitting service

Due to Jan’s recent health scare and subsequent absence, it has become evident how inundated we are with clothing alterations. Regrettably, this necessitates a change in our service offerings. As a result, we will now be implementing a fee for our fitting service, which was previously complimentary.

We have found that many fittings that we do are very simple and can be managed at home. You can easily secure a hem using safety pins, hair grips or Sellotape to indicate where adjustments are needed. Alternatively, a simple pencil can be used to mark the desired length. Should you have any uncertainties, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at the shop. We are more than happy to provide guidance over the phone.

Tel: 07766 953 216

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