Your creative style is


You are a real bright spark, and your creativity shines like a beacon. You love big splashes of colour and your personality is as bright as the art you make.

You love bold colour statements and abstract designs, you like to turn heads and are something of a trend setter. Your home is bright and colourful, and will certainly be ever changing and evolving as you plan the next decorating project or new soft furnishing idea.

You embrace new ideas and soak up all the latest trends in art, interior design and clothes. You are brave and enjoy making waves, you are happy creating something shocking and abstract, but get bored quickly. As soon as you sniff a fashion becoming mainstream, it goes in the bin. You are always chasing the new and exciting; yesterdays trends are old news, and hum drum.

You plan a creative project and inject it with your own special twist. You never duplicate someone else’s work and even if you buy a craft kit, it never looks like the picture on the box when it’s finished. You love to go rogue and put your own imagination into top gear.

Like all original thinkers, your creative fatigue will kick in if you slog away at something that you have lost interest in. Don’t be disheartened by your unfinished projects… we all have them! Try a new craft to keep your brain active. You will gain in knowledge and confidence and your old skills will still be there ready to use when you grow bored of the new one. Keep your inventive juices flowing with quick projects that you can finish before you are bored, or lots of different projects in rotation.

Keep those creative ideas sparkling away. You are a bright and bold inspiration!

I hope you liked my fun quiz

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