Sewing Machines

Whether your are an experienced dressmaker or a complete beginner, there is a Brother sewing machine to suit your needs.

I am an authorised Brother retailer and can supply you with a beautiful sewing machine to use at home. I’ll even give you a lesson in how to use it.


I can’t imagine life without my sewing machine, and I have had many over the years.

My personal favourite is the Brother Innovis 15 (as pictured)

It does all the basic stitches, has a variety of feet (including a buttonhole maker), and it can cope with stitching through thick multi layer projects.

It’s the model I use every day in the shop to do all the many and various clothing alterations that come in.  I can’t recommend it enough, it’s a wonderfully reliable little work horse, and at £319.00 it’s good value!



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