Your creative style is


You are very creative and expressive. You love all things vintage, and your unique style is carefully put together by mixing old and new. Your style of dress always draws compliments because you mix retro chic with classic staples. You pick beautiful pieces that should not go together, but the overall eclectic look comes together beautifully as a whole.

Your home is the same unusual mixture of old and new, it’s a glorious concoction of beautiful things that you curate to make a comfortable but unique living space.

Your favourite colour palates are various and surprising, just like your artistic creations. Sometimes you are muted and natural, other times you shine like a jewel.

You get inspiration from Victorian interior design, junk shops and Ikea! You can mix two or three genres and make your own fabulous style. You have an amazing vision that only you can see.

You may feel that no one else has your style and that no one else will share your vision, but don’t let this hold you back. This is the very essence of being a unique creator.

Take charge and be in control of your own vision. You are a unique creative creature with wonderful imagination.

I hope you liked my fun quiz

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