Your creative style is


Your creative style is intimate and warm, and reflects your warm personality. You are attracted to soft colours, florals and warm tones, and your inspiration comes from nature. You decorate with intimacy in mind and your home is comfortable and welcoming. You favour wood and natural materials, and your soft furnishings are softer than anyone else’s.

Being a true romantic in the creative sense means that you are influenced by images of countryside, old buildings, beautiful countryside scenes, flowers, people and animals. You are a dreamer and you are good at visualising how your next creative project will look. Dreaming is an important part of your creative process and becomes part of the planning for you. Others may think you are doing nothing, but underneath you are dreaming of beautiful things and your creativity is working overtime.

You see beauty in natural forms like trees, water, stone or even the smallest leaf.  You prefer round corners to hard edges and even if you live in the city you still love little pockets of nature and are drawn to plants and natural shapes.

You keep your creative juices flowing with spiritual influences, you see images in clouds and fire. Touching a smooth stone may trigger a thought that makes you feel like painting a picture or writing a poem. Keep grounded in your creative instincts, and allow your inspiration space to grow in your dreams.

Stay in touch with your inner creative spirit. It’s what drives your creative nature.

I hope you liked my fun quiz

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