This project is simple to make but the results are really impressive. It’s perfect for someone who is new to sewing and it’s a good stash buster too. If you have any pretty little scraps of fabric that you don’t know how to use, this is the answer!

I have created a cheat sheet tutorial for you to follow with lots of pictures, but you’ll only need to use it once because it’s so easy.


You can change it around too. It can be smaller if you want to make Christmas decorations, or a bit bigger if you want to hang it on a wall or in a window. You could make some with scented stuffing as drawer fresheners, air fresheners, or you could make a pair of them as hand warmers. Just fill them with rice instead of cotton stuffing. They will heat up nicely in the microwave (a quick 30 second burst) and stay warm for up to 40 minutes.

It’s a great project for using fat quarters, and I haven’t worked out the exact measurements but this heart measures approximately 12cm x 10cm and a fat quarter measures 45cm x 56cm so you could whip up 4 or 5 at the least.

The inspiration for showing this project to you now is because Mothers Day is only a week away and what better gift than a heart. The fabric that I used for the tutorial is one of my vintage style cotton fabrics, because it’s so pretty and it’s something I would like to receive myself, but you could use a material that reflects the person you are gifting it too, or personalise it with some embroidery. If you’re not a fan of embroidery then try making it with two contrast fabrics and pop a bit of ric-rac trim or lace over the seam! … Let your imagination run wild!!!

Happy sewing folks!

Jan x









Published On: 12 March 2023326 words1.7 min readCategories: Beginner, Crafting, Sewing